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Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Make friends. Make enemies. Make millions. Squid Game: The Challenge, the competition series based on our biggest show ever, premieres 22 November.


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Squid Game: The Challenge | Official Trailer | Netflix

Immersed in the world of “Squid Game,” 456 real players put their skills — and character — to the ultimate test for a life-changing $4.56 million prize.


  1. Worst cast ever. Worst idea ever. Reality show? Really?!!! Total disappointment. The writers should be fired. No one dies. Just eliminated. Complete crap.

  2. It was a horrible show with fake ass acting… The best part about it was how authentic they recreated a lot of the rooms

  3. This is not it. Just watched first five episodes and it is 🗑. Don't care or want any of these ppl to win. The stakes are taken out by them now shooting paintballs. Instead of guns, and this TV show aspect just stinks. The fun was not knowing the games, shaky alliances with interesting characters. Actual ppl dying and confusion. Nobody could win this new season and I wouldn't care. Characters energetic, bland, whiney, and annoying all at same time.

  4. for those who doesn't know this is not a movie. it's a real game like mr beast. Fucking no brains

  5. Damn these comments make me lose braincells, didnt realize people actually wanted to see IRL death

  6. You have us hot seats for nothing 😂😂😂💔

  7. F*ck this sh*r I want real squid game season 2 can’t wait for it😭😭

  8. I hope this isn't the real second series, this sucks squid

  9. Sokolov ソコロフSergey セルゲイ says:

    This doesn't look like an official teaser for the second season, but like a Mr. Beast video

  10. Why would they use the same games as the series? The thrill on the series is when the player doesnt know what the next game are and struggle to find a way to complete that game. If they use the same game, its like all player have a spoiler beforehand. Unless they manage to find 456 people who havent watched Squid Game yet

  11. the proper series of squid game with actual koreans wont be available until next year from a korean website it did not start filming until july 2023.

  12. Doesn't look as horrifying as the first season.

  13. American entertainment industry taking something again and fucking it to death

  14. People on here really thinking this is season 2 and are upset! This is a completely separate reality based show with fan participation. Purely fun and not serious or the real season 2

  15. this is retarded. why not just make season 2 squid games

  16. I hope this isn’t the real series cause this is bad 😕

  17. Not really the same when you use paint ball guns and losers walk away.

  18. I actually think this is going to be good, while they're still making the second seasons this is like smthng to keep us distracted. It has new games and reality TV shows can be funny, it won't be super thrilling but it's still entertaining nontheless.

  19. Um, this is from Mr Beast Squid Game video bro😂

  20. I’d rather not have a season 2 than this trash

  21. So f*cking stupid trying to make a reality show about a fake Netflix show so stupid 👎👎

  22. Can't tell if this is just what Mr Beast did or if it's a new show?

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