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Squid Game: The Challenge Set TOUR! (Exclusive)

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ET’s Ash Crossan gives a behind-the-scenes tour of ‘Squid Game: The Challenge.’ Inspired by the hit South Korean survival drama, the 10-episode competition series puts 456 players through a series of games in pursuit of a $4.56 million prize. Executive producers Nicola Brown and Tim Harcourt explain how they built the massive production, including multiple real-life versions of the show’s iconic sets. ‘Squid Game’ creator Hwang Dong-hyuk tells ET what advice he gave the adaptation makers, then shares a pro-tip for winning Red Light, Green Light. ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ premieres Nov. 22 on Netflix.


  1. Я в кальмара я не знаю почему но не знаю что ты не знаешьЩи из свежей капусты брокколи

  2. if i was in the challenge i would tell the most funniest joke to the guard just so i know that theres no AI bot

  3. Bro why does player 199 litteraly look identical to ali

  4. Do you really get the money?!🤔🤗😇😍

  5. The Game show they play in 9 hours for red light dan green light 15 minute will be easy. But 9 hours in cold room you will be stress and sicks. That why half the contestant got eliminated in red light dan green light.

  6. The executive producers are giving very creepy vibes.

  7. What day was this filmed because they said the competition was starting tomorrow so im curious when it was actually held and how long to complete all the challenges?

  8. Well duh… you didn’t lick the cookie 🙄

  9. The reality show doesn't really kill the participants. It's fake. The actual Squid Games kills the participants.

  10. the time stamp of 5:24 is that the 영국남자 Korean Englishman

  11. The people lived it, always cold, they paused the game and getting bored

  12. I know the show is scripted but he could of actually win this time and he didn’t 😅

  13. Binge watched it. Can’t wait. When is the new season coming out from Korea?

  14. And in reality no one was fucking happy on set

  15. Watched the first 2 episodes already. It's pretty good.

  16. Watched the show. The hardest and saddest part was when Ali died 😢. I don't know why anyone would wanna play this game😂.

  17. Great job Ash! I’m jealous. I would love to tour that set. 😊

  18. The actor that played Ali is so adorable. 😂❤ "YES!" Haha.

  19. @seonyehan8419

    1 second ago

    Korean Englishman Josh & Ollie were here.

  20. imagine that this place can turn into Disney Land Theme park… lolz…

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