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SQUID GAME TikTok Compilation | Netflix Series

SDS TikTok Compilation
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  1. the theory is fake the red envelope makes you still a player

  2. The hot characters from the future : 067 , 199 , 456 XD ( Pin me if you want)

  3. Me: seeing player 67 me LIKING LIKE LIKE LIKING HER Also me:AM I LESBIAN 🙄😩

  4. Episode 6 is omg i cried all night the pain just kept coming i couldn't stop

  5. Player 101 : whos behend me
    Me : im doing the cihna mildde finger rn its my pinky finger this means u suck 101

  6. The dolls hair clip has the shapes of the mask men.

  7. 0:31

  8. 2:24 no Sweet home is not a death game its a apocalyptic world but As gods will could be the first one while alice in border land and famous squid game yes they are death games but not Sweet home nope never

  9. -𝓑𝓵𝓸𝓼𝓼𝓸𝓶𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂- says:

    Is it just me that everyone loves sae byeok or no

  10. When I saw alot of handsome workers I went bruh

  11. I also watched the big three comment your favorite mine was Sweet home

  12. Who remembers the girl from the start of the series I thought she was going to be the next 450 in season 2 but nope the main character is going back

  13. 8:15 lol the person at the top left on square guard's camera

  14. No one is commenting about how flustered the guard looked when he caught the two ladies in the restroom. I'm laughing so hard at his guilty/flustered state even with the mask lol

  15. I think that dude that dances has a crush on 067

  16. people say ep 6 is the saddest

  17. when i see the squid game guards
    me: i've seen these people before… looks at a controller

  18. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa my crush is a-hahhhahaahhaha! dies xd

  19. when i'm in the game: DOWN BAKE BEAN THAT BAKE BEAN THAT🦈if some one pushed me: what WHAT THE F*K🐺🦊

  20. Amdraya🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🧹🦄🧹🦄🧹🦄🧹🦄🧹🦄🧹🏍️🦄🦄🦄🤤💌

  21. 3:18 “diz iz suszy😳” had me laughing 😝 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

  22. Spoiler alert : past winners are the gaurd

  23. Squid Game Charecters I Like And Why

    Snake Neck Dude/Thug – Actor is really nice and sweet irl, loves his pets, yea
    Jun Ho/cop – total badass
    Crazy Lady – Unpredictable and dark/haunting alpha
    Those are my top three favorite characters

  24. Who’s favourite character is the old man or 67

  25. Also I saw that on squid game it says he is VIP so he can't die he gets shot at marbles were everyone dies but he is at glass

  26. for ppl crushing on any squid game charactor just too let ya know they are in their early 30tys and late 40tys oh an also most are 27 like KANG-SAE

  27. the second tiktok the old man/001 was the creater of the game

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