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Squid Game *VIRAL* TikTok SECRETS! (Squid Game Netflix Compilation)

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Squid Game *VIRAL* TikToks Secrets! (Netflix Compilation)
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Most Viewed Squid Game Netflix TikTok compilation. All the MOST VIEWED Squid Game TikToks in one place – They’re funny, viral and we’re reacting to them all. Subscribe for MORE TikTok videos!


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  1. mr beast is recreating squid game but they are making the games right now

  2. I would join squid game 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%

  3. Am i special because i can cry when ever i want and i dont have to put water in my eyes no jk

  4. I would not like to be invited to the squid games but if I was invited to squid games I was declined the invite and instead of playing the actual honeycombs game from squid game I’m just going to make my own Honeycomb

  5. They cry on command because they think like they saw somebody that they love so much and they see them for the last time

  6. The doll is not in Korean bruh it's here in Philippines lol

  7. 7:19 is where i paused to get snacks loll

    idk why i tried 1000000 times to pause on the right spot just for a comment but ANYWAYS continues watching

  8. 10:29 is not true since none of th other players chose blue, they chose red, but they turned to be players not guards.. so yh that theorie is bUsTeD

  9. I did a squid game in real life and I did it

  10. I played squid game in call of duty mobile

  11. The Red card= guard blue card=player isnt accurate because when it shows videos of the players playing the card game, there are ones that pick red.

  12. I’m would accept the invitation to squid games

  13. 0:09 it's just a bunch of ppl going to watch the waterfall and the pink suits are just raincoats to avoid the water getting splashed on them. That place its around the middle of USA 🗽 🇺🇲 and Canada 🍁 🇨🇦

  14. My Mom Is A Expert Dalgona SQUID GAME QuEeN

  15. If you are wondering how to cry when you want to if you want a couple of minutes for you to cry think about sad things like your own animal that died or anything sad if you want to do it quick look at something just stare at it don't blink make sure you're eyes are just staring at the wall do not move your eyes if you do that it will ruin it

  16. The old man is the front man he told me I'm 41 I was at squid game I moved but the doll DID not see me move UwU

  17. Dude that girl that explains gihun is old mans son is OKEH gaming im subbed to her

  18. they cry on demand by thinking of smoe thing that is sad

  19. it was just starngers waering red rain coats

  20. idk whats wrong with my sugar beacuse when we do my dalgona gets very sticky and sticks to the pan but i did it yesterday or sunday and i did a star shape i did it but its one leg was broken

  21. A minutes silence for all the people who think squid game is real

  22. One of my classmates have one of the squid game card

  23. I I play squid game and when it is honeycomb challenge I just eat the whole cookie

  24. I love how he posts on Ali-A and on MoreAliA, btw I love watching Ali he's inspiring and he's a funny person

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