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Squid Games’ Ali Abdul’s K-Drama Recommendations | Anupam Tripathi | Netflix India

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Us on seeing Ali in other shows 🥺

Our beloved player number 199, Anupam Tripathi is here to teach us some everyday Korean phrases.

PS: If you think Anupam Tripathi’s Korean is good, you should listen to his Hindi. Catch him voice Ali in the Hindi dubs for Squid Game. 🥺❤️
Squid Game is now streaming in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, only on Netflix.

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  1. Finally someone recognized how awesome D.P. is omg, it’s a really good kdrama i would definitely recommend it to everyone🤩

  2. Mr.Queen from the newest dramas is good too.

  3. Hometown Cha Cha Cha 💃 for some healing romance 💯

  4. "Reply 1988" is a masterpiece. So is "Mouse"….so is "Arthdal Chronicles"….which reminds me…dear Netflix ! Chaeball 😭 renew Arthdal for season 2. And promote it more !!

  5. I kinda saw him in space sweepers aswell.

  6. Tale of the nine taled is one of my recommendation..it's too good. It is a drama of different emotions..best drama💜💜

  7. Hospital Playlist, reply 1988 are my favorites

  8. I am surprised he did not mention Strangers from hell. He has a very small part in it. As in we see him in a pic. Strangers from hell is mind blowing

  9. I would also make these recommendations

  10. I have watched 20+ kdramas. FLOWER OF EVIL is so far the best kdrama till now with perfect balance of romance, suspense, thrill and LJG's expressions are just wow. Some more recommendations:-
    Crash landing on you
    True beauty
    Itaewon class
    18 again
    The legend of the blue sea
    The king:eternal monarch
    Its okay to not be okay
    Strong woman do bong soon
    And squid games ofc.

  11. What to do when I've watched all🥲🥲suggest me some guys

  12. My personal favourite kdrama- Crash landing on you (CLOY)

  13. U wanna watch good k dramas , my recommendations

    1. Reply series ( specially reply 1988)
    2. Unfamiliar family (one of the most underrated drama)
    3. Sky castle or penthouse S01 ( i'll only recommend S01, s02 and especially s03 are crap don't watch those, don't blame me for not giving u warnings)

    4. L. U. C. A ( Anotger underrated show)
    5. Flowers of evil
    6. Tell me what u saw
    7. Beyond evil
    8. Vagabond
    9. Sweet home
    10. Hospital playlist ( my top 5)
    11. Move to heaven
    12. Lost ( most most most underrated dark drama)
    13. Do u like bhrams
    14. Lovestruck in the city

    And many more.. I've much more to add but u can start with those..

    My fav is reply 1988 but i'd like to add 1 thing plz watch reply series after watching 5 to 10 dramas coz after that u'll get some idea about their culture and then u can really enjoy that series ..
    These list is not acc to my preference from 1 to 15, but u can choose acc to ur liking..

    And plz share ur opinions about these dramas coz i really like discussing details about dramas..

  14. do watch crash landing on you…its super gooood😍😍

  15. Goblin
    Be with you
    Unforgettable love
    Perfect and casual🥵

  16. I love u alot anupam 😍😍😍💜💜💜 with deep of my heart love u alot … So proud of you….

  17. Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Black, Save me, Andante, and many others I can’t remember

  18. It’s ok to not be okay , the best korean drama ever .

  19. How can he miss descendants of the sunnnn????😭😭♥️♥️

  20. 2 of my favourites
    It’s okay to not be okay and D.P

  21. unfortunately i watched all the dramas right after they aired😅

  22. indians ki image dekhni hai na toh japan ka 'curry plice' aur korea ka 'curry song' by norazo dekho, and thats just tip of the iceberg. indian culture, people and art should influence others but yaha toh utla hi hota hai, indians hi dusaro ki chtne jate hain, india is the most greatest and oldest civilization and have influenced the whole world especially east, apni izzad apne haat, chatorapanti mat karo, tum jaise indians ki wajah se hum sab indians ko bhugadna padta ha i

  23. Okay Netflix we need extracurricular season 2 !!!

  24. I guess Vincenzo is one of the worth watching Kdrama. 😘

  25. My favorite k-dramas are – true beauty,Crash landing on you,So I married the antifan and the tale of 9 tailed 🍃💓
    I really recommend you guys to watch these 🌼

  26. Crash landing on you one of the best K drama 🎭

  27. Here are my recommendation
    Itaweon class
    Fight for my way
    Hospital playlist
    Hometown cha cha
    The silent sea
    The kings affection
    Our beloved summer
    My name


  29. What if I say I have watched all of them already 😂😂

  30. "it's okay to not be okay" i will recommend it to everyone.. it's a very nice series 💯

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