The Cast of Netflix's 'Squid Game' has a Special Message For You! | ClickTheCity -

The Cast of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ has a Special Message For You! | ClickTheCity

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‘Squid Game’ is now streaming on Netflix! Here’s a special message from lead stars Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Wi Ha Jun, and Jung Ho Yeon if you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should binge-watch it this weekend.

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  1. I finish watching it just in 1 day and it's good so I wonder if we gonna have season 2

  2. I checked it out, and was pleasantly surprised how hooked I was. Its a great show, well shot, and lots of tension. This has me checking out other K-Drama shows, any suggestions??

  3. Move iss good but ending like shit :)) fuck actor

  4. I didn't intend to watch it all in one day but i couldn't stop!,

  5. This clip is too short. I want to see more of the cast, get to know of them.

  6. Imagine our shock if they said "if you'd like to participate in squid game, please call this number. and go to…. 12am straight" lmfao

  7. Is it rude of me to ask…… I want more please! Watched the whole season in one day

  8. Did they already know that the show burst out of popularity.

  9. They all did PHENOMENAL jobs with their characters! I hope the EMMYS recognize them next year.

    I hope there is a second season as well!

  10. Im looking forward to season 2 of squid game


  12. All the actors were great but the guy that betrayed Ali was easily the best actor in the series, what an incredible performance holy shit

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  14. Congrats very nice when is the season 2?can i be the player 457?😁

  15. 알리 배우도 보고싶다


  17. I had a friend who told me he is watching a Korean series (not this one) and I can swear to you, it sounded so exotic to me, that I would have been sure I would not sit and see one. The premise of this one was good so I gave it a try.
    Long story short, I will never judge any series or movie by its country again.

  18. I liked this 드라마 so much not because of its violence but for the human reactions to this violence. Expecting season two

  19. I feel like there's gonna be a season 2 though. Well I hopeeeee

  20. sang woo and jun ho can sandwich me anytime idc idc

  21. Hae-soo or sangwoo you might not see this but……. in the show on the marble game I wanted to fight you-

  22. Kudos to everyone involved in Squid Game. It was easily the best series of 2021.


  24. HoYeon is cute but damn I'd be lying if I say I don't have a bigger man crush on Lee Jung Jae that sonovabitch

  25. I binge watched!! I loved it!!! Im already read for Season 2!

  26. AYO please give us another season PLEASE 😭

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