The Making of Squid Game - Episode 1: Red Light, Green Light | Netflix -

The Making of Squid Game – Episode 1: Red Light, Green Light | Netflix

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The game is on, featuring Director Hwang Dong-hyuk and Star Lee Jung-jae


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The Making of Squid Game – Episode 1: Red Light, Green Light | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. ehhe ehhe ehhe ehhe ehhe ehhe ehhe ehhe……….

  2. i hope netflix quits squid game.. this is like a horror movie for me.. i would rather not watch it… hope netflix quits this.

  3. “Wanted to make something no one has ever seen before” ?I’m sorry but the version of this series has been done several times before and there is a Japanese manga very similar to this I’m not hating but it’s just too overrated that actually unique shows don’t get the attention it deserves

  4. them putting out videos like this to bring back some squid game fans just shows season 2 is going to realese soon!

  5. This is FAKE. The real one does not have a blue screen behind them.

  6. too bad spoilers made it harder to enjoy the series

  7. this show was so popular in 2021 but stopped being popular pretty quick glad i get to check out the behind the scenes.great show

  8. naalala ko nanaman dito si wrecker HAHAHA

  9. Seems like nobody cares about squid game anymore cuz this only got 92k views and so little comments 😭

  10. may be overrated, but still an awesome show

  11. I thank this Show for the Amount of Errors it has

  12. Muhamad Luqmanul Hakim Bin Abdul Rahman says:

    Squid game 2 pls 👁👄👁

  13. This was definetely the best series I ever watched last 2021 😊

  14. Watch naked weapon if you like squidgame

  15. this is the most good seires show that is ever made 😉

  16. Characters were so…correctly chosen that now I can't replace them in ma imagination .

  17. Netflix losers got really lucky with this!

  18. these vids help me not forget i watched the shows, i feel all my netflix shows blur together lmao but this show is legendary.

  19. Man wish the title says the making of squid game 2

  20. This is an awesome series…its like hitchcock on acid with just enough heart to keep it a kdrama. Bring on season 2…

  21. Don't sleep on it…this is a time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought

  22. i want to see bad and crazy with actor lee, dong wook !!!!!!!!!!!! netflixs in usa !!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hands down one of the best series developed by Netflix!

  24. I don’t normally watch gorey shows…but this one was amazing 😱😱😱

  25. Make more squid game behind the scene pls!!i

  26. Behind the scenes hit's different ❤️❤️

  27. This was 9 hours ago! I'm so glad I decided to look this up! I watched squid games two days ago and I can't stop thinking about it

  28. This series was beyond stunning and beautiful!

  29. everybody wish : amateur life
    real life : pro only

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