The Squid Game Cast Play A Game Of Bingo (Under No Threat of Death!) -

The Squid Game Cast Play A Game Of Bingo (Under No Threat of Death!)

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The incredible cast of Squid Game, Jung Ho-yeon (Sae-Byeok), Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun), Wi Ha-jun (Joon-ho) and Park Hae-soo (Cho Sang-woo) guess each other’s favourite Netflix movies and shows in this exclusive interview. Thankfully in this game, nobody dies.



About Netflix:
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The Squid Game Cast Play Netflix Bingo (Under No Threat of Death!)

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. Dark is one of my favorite series, 100% recomended.

    He knows his stuff

  3. HaeSoo portraying Berlin in korean version of Money Heist, whos in the verge of good and evil is kinda the same like SangWoo in Squid Game.

  4. I wanna be friends with all of them 🤓❤️

  5. In the movie we didn't really like hae soo bc he betrayed Anupam but irl hes really nice :O

  6. Im so happy hoyeon likes Dark. Aaaahhhh

  7. Jung Ho-yeon loves "Dark" too, YESSSSS! She is so gorgeous, omg.

  8. is anyone else surprised by how hot Lee Jung is?? he looked so different in the show

  9. Aw Hoyeon choosing and talking about Roma warms my heart! It’s indeed a beautiful movie. 🇲🇽

  10. I love how she talked about dark bc it’s also one of my favourite shows and seeing a foreign actress talk about other foreign actors who arent American makes me happy cause they deserve the recognition

  11. I love him in prison playbook!!!!!
    Also loony!!!
    Btw she is Gorgeous!!
    The main character is so good in Deliver us from evil that’s a must watch

  12. You know why I love them cause there from a different country but they like another shows from other countries where mostly Americans actors just know American movie and tv..!
    So sad there missing out so much!!
    I guess this show is popular cause everyone is sick of the same bs over and over and we don’t need politics and woke bs we just need an enjoyable show to get away from reality

  13. the bonfire/fireplace video had me laughing 😭 i didnt know you can see videos like that in netflix

  14. Clicked on this video for the fun, ended up with 5+ shows/movies on my "to watch" list. Great trade 🙂

  15. I'm thankful that he mention BLACKPINK and JENNIE for the gift she send to them while during the making of the movie SQUID GAME, Jennie is so sweet. I'm a big fan of the SQUID GAME and I cannot be more happy with this video as I'm also a blink lol, and the funny thing is I just finish watching Blackpink and change to this then suddenly he mention them lol, so sweet for him to do that during his promotion, promoting blackpink as always, blinks things hahah. XD <3

  16. I just LOVE how Jung Ho- yeon is so cold and emotionless in the show, but in reality she is an extremely cheerful, energetic and kind person!

  17. 백신은 독이나 구원과는 상관이 없습니다. says:

    오징어 게임? 일루미나티 666 게임!
    미국의 대표적인 반일루미나티 사이트에서 소개된 오징어 게임
    출처| 이세대가 가기전에 |

  18. I still hate the character Sang Woo, not because it's a bad character, but because of the betrayal

  19. "Under No Threat of Death!"

    They tryna cover up the murders

  20. Now I have tons of new movies/shows/documentaries to watch 👍

  21. Wheres that Indian Guy and the doctor, I call him the Anchor dude from tug of war

  22. Number 67's smile is fucking so cute. I wısh I could meet her once .

  23. When he says blackpink light up the sky I was so shocked and happy at the same time .I'm so glad that he is a blink 💗

  24. Jung Ho-yeon has such great and sofisticated taste, and she's very cultured. Roma, Dark, Marriage Story, the Explained series, and Comrades:Almost a Love Story (huge HK Classic, she got me there), one more to the list of reasons why she's awesome 😎

  25. I love this movies bingo game, pretty much listing down all the movies I should watch next LUL

  26. it’s so refreshing to see their smiles after squid game

  27. Karakterleri izlerken Squit Game izler gibi eğleniyorum.

  28. Jung Ho yeon somehow looks prettier in the show without makeup.

  29. I love her for watching dark 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. English is just too difficult for Koreans I guess. Wonder how they teach English at school in Korea 🙄

  31. Lee Jung-Jae is so attractive. I can't get over it. I have the biggest crush on him

  32. Ok but the fact that this is so international is making me so happy for some reason. I'm from Argentina, watching a korean cast recommend movies and shows from the US, England, Spain, Mexico, Korea, Germany, Colombia and more. ITS LIKE. SO COOL????

  33. 1:32 Massive respect to Jung Ho-yeon for this. If any of you have not seen Dark yet, pause this video, stop what you're doing, and go watch it. Absolutely amazing show, you really won't find anything on Netflix that rivals it aside from Breaking Bad. Didn't expect any of them to have seen it tbh. One of the best series I've ever seen.

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