The Squid Game Cast React To Their Own Show | Netflix -

The Squid Game Cast React To Their Own Show | Netflix

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Squid Game is the Korean drama that has taken the world by storm. In this video the cast and director breakdown the series, giving you exclusive insight into how the show got made.

Starring Hwang Dong-hyuk (director), Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun), Park Hae-soo (Jo Sang-woo), and Chae Kyung-sun (art director).



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The Squid Game Cast React To Their Own Show | Netflix

Hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits — with deadly high stakes.


  1. The director never gave up and give us this great show

  2. the foreshadowing of the deaths are so clever

  3. The art director did an amazing job, made a huge part of the show tbh

  4. To the fact that they didn't see Gi-hun eating the air while talking and Ali laughs when he saw it and now I also know how to win that game just in case there is a real life squid game

  5. I would like to ask ,why was the rule that no participant could hurt each other scrapped for the second game?
    And if one rule was scrapped ,why was the rule of majority gets to stop the game , considered for the last moment.

  6. I was really worried about Joon-Ho's phone battery dying

  7. That opening music made me sing of a Christmas song.

  8. Take a bow from India.. you guys created such an amazing piece of art . it has everything from suspense , thrill, violence , gore , very strong connecting emotions , friendship etc etc. just amazing. shout out to the director and art director and the whole team. such a genius of director.

  9. I want an interview with just Chae Kyung-sun, the art director! What she pulled off with the visuals is unparalleled!

  10. So cool seeing something like this just captivate THE WORLD!

  11. Sang woo. You have to realise how good of a actor you have to be, for the whole world to hate a character. 👍🏿👍🏿🔥🔥🔥

  12. EVERYONE understood the assignment and im giving a standing ovation.

  13. He was the organ harvesting doctor wasn't he?

  14. " the first masked men with no guns…. i thought they were hot" same bro same😭

  15. totally reminded me of Auschwitz and other concentration camps! thank you for remembering

  16. I can tell you I have never seen better acting in any movie or show I watched, the whole aspect of death games and people competing to win or die and we stick with a character that goes through a lot idk it’s great

  17. I was so surprised by the metaphors everywhere in the movie. Those were quite Korean things! for example, in childhood games when players were losing game, we used to call 'you're dead!' compare to 'you're out' or 'you lose' in Western. in the movie, they're actually dead. And many many more, normally the foreigners have never realized the hidden code. 'A Luck Day'?? that is the famous Korean short novel everybody knows ends up the same story hinting mom's death. very interesting!

  18. If you think about it the ending scene of Sang-woo is amazing. Sang-woo was portrayed as a selfish character throughout the games and even in the end he selfish enough to kill himself instead of ending the game on votes so that Gi-hun could win the cash prize and help his(Sang-woo's) mother.

  19. Ali is so dreamy!!! Why did they have to kill off such a talented & amazing character. He needs justice.

  20. The like to dislike ration really tells you how good the show was I never really watch netflix but my family said I should check this show out, I got addicted to it and binged the entire show in one night lol and still rewatch it, I hope the writer/director makes more shows since it was actually pretty damn good

  21. The thing was that all the actors were very good in their on acting role

  22. I'm so glad that everyone in the world who likes movies knows another good korean movie besides Parasite

  23. This show was so good that after watching all episodes of season 1 I wouldn't mind watching it immediately again.

  24. What a great show it was a long time I was searching for something good to see and I loved every second of it .Bravo.

  25. Hey, jeju girl and saebyok scene made me cry 😭

  26. The art director is a type of front row friend at class

  27. The props and sets are SOOOO IMPRESSIVE and honestly an art!!

  28. I felt more of a Among Us rather than Money Heist vibes in the series 😂

  29. What is it about Lee Jung-Jae, I found him so attractive on the show. He looks very handsome here, but to be honest I liked him unkempt and scruffy…😍😍😍

  30. I am afraid of what goes in the mind of writer 😂 totally ruined my childhood.

  31. Can't wait to see another masterpiece from this director

  32. i'm sorry but what is the job of art director is she incharge of all the props, sets and stuff?

  33. Best movie writer, love the main character, what was his name??, love the art director work

  34. I have watched it in Korean with Eng sub!! Anyone else??

  35. Reacting better than I ever could. This cast and show are amazing!

  36. i wish they got to talk about the music. i thought it really stood out and was done really well

  37. 유튜브 씨발련들아 댓글 언어별 정렬 만들어라


  39. I hate this video’s editing! I really love the art director’s energy and everything and I wish I can listen to her a little bit more. Whenever she starts to talk, you just cut her part everytime and move on to the other one. It just bothered me a lot. Give her some respect guys…

  40. 주인공이 좀 애매했던거 같은게 남들한테 잘해줄때마다 집에 있는 엄마는? 라는 생각이 떠나질 않음 ㅋㅋ 커피 주워주는거나 고양이 깐부 등등 남들한테 착한거 그 모든게 미워할수없는 주인공 느낌이 아닌 방구석 여포라는 느낌 말곤 안들었음 초반부에 철없는 모습이 아닌 그냥 순진하게 다 받아주는 모습으로 연출했다면 어땠을까 싶은데… 다른 캐릭터들에 비해 오히려 주인공 캐릭터 특징이 제일 애매하게 연출된 느낌

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