They Made A Real Life SQUID GAME & It’s Actually MESSED UP (Squid Game The Challenge Episodes 1 + 2) -

They Made A Real Life SQUID GAME & It’s Actually MESSED UP (Squid Game The Challenge Episodes 1 + 2)

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They did it. They actually made a real life Squid Game game show… and it’s kind of messed up. But also kind of hard to stop watching. So what happens when they bring in 456 people to play a deadly game of red light green light and more? Check it out in this initial recap and review of Squid Game: The Challenge (episodes 1 & 2)!

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  1. The show gets crazier by the episode. Cant wait for Nov 29th

  2. How do people still not know that reality tv shows are fake! 😂 this squid game 2 is trash these people on the show are still actors

  3. This show is scripted. I’m not impressed.

  4. I haven’t finished the show yet. But I really like it.

  5. The fact that the girl who took the burger and enjoyed it is the same one who was so against Leonardo taking food from someone else

  6. I only made it ten min before I turned it off

  7. It reflects life soooo Well 🤣🤣

  8. Honestly the reality version is so fucking dystopian. By its very existence it has BECOME what the original show tried to criticize.

  9. I've only watched the first 2 episodes but I totally blown away! Wow it's more intense than the series! I like the fact that I can see the true colors of each player, greediness or kindness especially 134 and 101 when they removed no. 200, instead of helping, they chose to eliminate him. 😢 And Karma is a b*tch!
    For 342, even though everyone is annoyed with him, I still want him to stay because I like his strong personality.
    And for 299, I felt sad for him, I was annoyed with others who blamed him.

    But here in this Squid Game Challenge, the winner for me is still the one who fought fairly. ❤

  10. This show is so intense I was at the edge of my seat, but I was kinda mad when 432 got out he was the main entertainment…

  11. I feel like there could be some serious/long lasting psychological damage from this

  12. should definitely watch physical 100 after

  13. This version lacks any of the drama and tension.
    This is just another "reality" competition show and I hate ALL the contestants.

  14. This challenge is difficult for me 😅

  15. The problem with this series is the toxicity and negativity of the players there. The way they treated the guy who chose Umbrella is just cruel and toxic. I mean what choice could they have? Everyone gotta pick a shape. Someone will have the Umbrella in the end and no one can change that. Throughout the series, I just cant with some of the players personality.

  16. I wasn't mad when anyone stole the food because he didn't really want it. Also, when Jada stole that hamburger Ijbol 😭😭😭

  17. Stopped after 10 minutes watching…wtf Netflix you really try hard to piss off customers

  18. I ain’t gonna lie spencer is so cringe every time I see him😂 he’s not smart at all your playing for money and you is on everyone’s bad side 😂😂😂

  19. People can get life changing money. Dont understand all the hate

  20. [[[SPOILERS]]]]]

    Gotta give it to 107 or smth 1st in red light green light and done the umbrella That's so dedication Sadly his team let him down ALSO

    432 only died by their captain since he was moved RIP now I have no one to support since the 69 year old was BRUTALLY ELIMINATED BY A GIRL SURPRISED SHE DIDN'T ELIMINATE 302 OR 301 ,😡😡

  21. What got me the most was they grabbed that guy's poor food like it was for them they was Hella greedy and it was nasty he didn't even offered any to them so why would they all hunch around him and grav his food also Jada was grimmie for taking his burger

  22. Anyone else rooting for stephen (243) and Rick (232) the whole time and their father son bond

  23. Spencer is the most annoying human in this planet

  24. This show is coed jail on TV for life changing money. Welcome to Dystopia!

  25. It’s crazy how a lot of the contestants tryna sue Netflix, because they really got injured

  26. They all licking the dalgona make me laugh. Remind me back the original Squid Games .No tug of war this reality show I guess .

  27. I tried watching the first one and I cringed too hard😅

  28. I felt so bad for Spencer. I really hope Netflix brings him back for a better show where he can get some redemption. I wanted him to win so badly.

  29. 3-4회에 동양인은 다 떨어지네. 그나마 한 동양인이 의사라는 프라우드로 인종간에 나됐으나, 흑인녀가 보기엔 조용히 찌그러졌어야할 동양인이 아니꼬운 두뇌믿고 설치는 꼴이 뭣같았던 모양. 흑녀 내가 치면 디질것 같은 동양남이ㅋ 이거지. 백인들은 영악해서 침팬지 오랑우탄 다투는 와중에 고귀하게 지켜보면서 결국 지배하겠지. 재미있게 보다가 껐다. 서양pc? 그거 알고보면 결국 백인 헤게모니 과시야. 그 흑인녀자, 지하철에서 동양인 밀치는 미친 흑인 전형임

  30. My favourite players are the mother and son. I hope they win!

  31. This was more intense than the original show 😂


  33. This should be called “LGBT games”. that all they have playing there.

  34. The way they did the contestants with the marble game is epic. Bro, I can't stop watching it.

  35. i would watch a 456,000,000 series if they made it..its really good

  36. alayna loves verivery┆b.a.p legends ♥︎ says:

    that guy comparing himself to christ was so strange. jesus would never say sympathy is a weakness. the amount of people jesus had sympathy for…

  37. That woman in the beginning lost immediately lol.

  38. It is very revealing. Easier to imagine where you would stand amongst them. Also it can't be too predictable. Have to throw in those twists.

  39. Even MrBeast made a better Fan made Squid Game video in real life

  40. Is 432 a real person? Holy shit he’s annoying as hell. I wouldn’t mind it if he joined the real Squid Game 😉

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