This Viral Netflix Show Is Worth The Hype! | Squid Game Review & Analysis -

This Viral Netflix Show Is Worth The Hype! | Squid Game Review & Analysis

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One of the most watched shows of 2021 is the South Korean web series #SquidGame that has split audiences between terming it entertaining to many people stating that it is overrated! The 9 episode web series on #Netflix according to me is definitely worth your time and money! I hope you like the Squid Game Review & Analysis

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  1. my favorite chracter was
    Gi- hun main lead himself
    because he was relatable to me
    he was good at heart( last level of game when he decided to quit giving up 45 billion) but when condition became unfavorable to him he defend himself( in marble game with ill nam) like humans do
    host ill nam played the game with him like rich people play games
    and at last he himself become the part of vips when he bet on someones life with ill nam in last episode and never completed his daughter promise when he refuses to go America
    he was completly changed after winning the game
    he is good at heart ,he have humanity but with defending nature beacuse of society and situations

    this chracter is underrated man!!

  2. I think the concept is inspired or plagiarized from As The Gods Will the japanese movie.

  3. You should try vincenzo…its amazing and will keep u hooked to it..

  4. Spoiler Alert

    Ali was my favorite character… Felt terrible to see him being back-stabbed n die 😢😢

  5. Please watch My Name on Netflix. Ha So Hee literally nailed her role.

  6. Definitely its overrated! Its a good show, but no as good as its being acclaimed to be. No doubt a shitty reviewer like you praised it so highly.

  7. TBH it's good. I enjoyed it. but it's like every other psychological thriller anime. this has a genre in anime right! the psychological thriller/survival game. so for me, it's really cool but not unique. I personally think as an avid follower of this genre that the unexpectedness of death of a character and the use of overwhelming strategies are the best part of this genre. in that case, it is overrated. even stories like "attack on titan" or "kimitsu no yaiba" has more unexpected deaths than this one. from 7 seeds, problem children are from other worlds, Mirai Nikki to recent Korean survival game manhua like the tower of god, the tutorial is too hard and more. it though somewhat did say about society's inequality but even in that manner I don't think there is any memorable scene that can make you feel guilty of living enough unlike "parasite". I still remember that waterflooding scene. it made me sad and guilty at the same time just for living in a place above ground. but one can relate to the characters even they are not Korean which is a great character in a movie or series. so it's entertaining and really good but it is overrated. though I think maybe judgements could be kind of clouded with "killing eve" which I watched just before I started "squid game". now "killing eve" was exceptional

  8. Why can't bollywood or indian entertainment agencies make something good . Seriously we are falling in music , movies , web series , tv series . Except for item songs , atankwadi and gangs or saas bahu drama we are not making anything . Bollywood and all these agencies becoming shitty.

  9. Fir some kdrama addicts like me
    It's just another series but the most loved one. Evry character was perfectly played and yess, WHATEVER THE DRAMA OR SERIES IT IS, NEVER WATCH DUBBED VERSION ESPECIALLY IF ITS KOREAN AND THAT TOO SQIUD GAMES..I first started to watch it with hindi & English dubbed versions but both were ruining the show, so subtitles are the best if u r non-Korean..

  10. i watched it in english but it was ok. at least better than hindi dubbing of tamil movies😅

  11. I think the problem is not about it being overrated or anything cause i havent watched the show but the only thing i wanna say is there are those days where u wanna watch something slow or something fast and i am not in the mood for something slow even if it is worth it cause i wont focus without real interest ill watch it when i m in the mood and yes it did depend on luck to be popular yes it had great everything but being popular doesnt depend on the show ever its all hype and squid game became popular before everybody watched it

  12. unrealistic .. bad kaiji rip off .. overhyped …just stop the nonsense !

  13. Being a kdrama fan for more than 11 years I've always waited for this day to come. World recognising the beauty of korean drama😭

  14. I probably found this overrated cuz i'm an anime watcher and i've seen so much better stuff….but yeah i understand that for non-anime watchers and non-kdrama watchers this is "worth the hype"

  15. Will society accept me? You know the rest 😜

  16. Squid Game really was amazing!! I think you should also check out another kdrama called Mouse. It's a psychological thriller, I would love to see your take on it.

  17. The funny thing about all of this is that if squid game didnt become this popular, people would be calling it underrated and would be shitting on other popular things just like what they are doing now😅. People act like its a bad thing when something becomes popular, like bro, yeah people were talking about it a lot, they watched it, they liked it. Simple as that, why is everyone so butthurt?

    It took 10 years of struggle and the success is well deserved.
    The world is a big place, the more people watch something, the more popular its gonna get, its not that hard to understand.

    Hating on popular things is not edgy or cool and just because its mainstream, doesnt mean its bad, please grow up and learn the difference. If you dont like something, move on and watch something else, its really easy and more productive.

  18. I hate it when they kill so many main leads in one series like Ali, police officer sae-byeok, ji yeong
    Gi hun's mother like whyy?? You need to kill so many peoples in only 1 series you can still keep going…why would you need to done sad ending all sudden in only one series ….its so frustating when these peoples die I HOPE SESSION 2 FULLFILL MY HOPES ….

  19. If anyone has consumed any japanese content like Danganronpa this stuff looks pretty meh.

  20. Haan bhai uth gaye , agle saal hi bna lete 🤣🤣🤣👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  21. Far more better than Bollywood in every where ,

  22. The author of squid games actually took Trump as a 'role model' to write the character of the American/foreign actors. Kind of a payback to American directors that caste age old stereotypes when it came to Asian character. The Americans were supposed to be cringey, if you get me.

  23. it is overrated
    if you compare to anime like kaiju and Alice in borderland
    it is mediocre , undeniably despite agreeing with your points

  24. Am i the only one who thought about bollywood movie called 'luck' starring imran khan at some point of time while watching squid game 😜

  25. The dissapointment after watching squid game reminded me of the reason I never like to watch shows that are highly trending on Netflix. Cuz I known every show is absolute not worth the hype. Sex education and never have I ever were the only trendy shows that I watched which were beautiful although nhie first season was not that impressive. The only thing good from watching squid game is that atleast now I can understand all these memes and spoofs which are flooded in all my feed

  26. It is over rated and down here are many supporters crying their eyes out to prove otherwise. Here is a suggestion – start watching anime so that you understand the difference between good project and pretty looking projects. Squid Games is pretty, but it lacks depth, character development, story narration and even philosophical argument. Just rich people laughing while others die is not philosophy, showing why they are like that, how do they think is actually philosophy. After watching so many good anime, I don't how can I ever even force myself to call this pretty idiocracy as a good show. 😏

  27. To be fair people who are calling it overrated most of them are already exposed to this genre and already had good taste of it. If you are into anime then Squid Game will feel repeative with less flavor.
    But I definitely don't mind it being overrated as it's still a good show however I do feel it got the advantage of the kpop wave that is going on right now.

  28. I felt it was overhyped because I have been watching kdramas and anime for a long time and it was pretty predictable to me. The roles the characters would be assigned and how it would end and all that. Though it is still a very great drama. If you guys liked it then you should try
    -Uncanny counter
    -the mouse
    -sweet home
    All are great👌

  29. Please review some K dramas like Crash Landing on You, Secretary Kim, Start Up.

  30. There are ton of anime/manga made on the same subject that are even better than this ….
    Heck old ones like mitai Nikki blows this whole series out of water

  31. Bro we could predict half of the things from the start….

  32. Been watching Kdramas for a decade now. People think they are all about romance. But Kdramas are on a level above all. Name a genre..they top it

  33. Squid Game is overrated. It's not original, Squid Game creators also didn't give credit to Kaiji. Ending was trash (yep, trash). People are overhyping it way too much. It's not bad, but also not way too good. More like 6/10. If you like the story of Squid Game try 'Kaiji' (it's an anime). It is the story which Squid Game ripped off and Kaiji is much better.

  34. i watched it after watching mrbeast's video

  35. Always been a fan of Kdramas so watching this show was a no-brainer for me. Really felt low-key proud of myself for understanding the cultural references of the show cause Netflix doesnt really do the best job at subtitling xd

  36. Jammy, lots of Korean shows ends the same way ( on a cliff hanger) but don’t have a second season. So they can’t hide the identity of the organisers etc

  37. I m agreeing to you with all my senses. And I m happy about it.

    Some people expect too much, just like they hv done all their lives.
    Understanding Emotions is not everyone's cup of tea.
    I m happy, it got what it deserves.
    Period. 🌸

  38. Everyone in the comment section is rating Squid game over money heist!
    BUT Breaking Bad >>>>> over every thing!

  39. I actually watched Squid Game with my bestie. And I'm mind blown. Especially in episode 6 when Ali and Jiyeong died, I was a total crying mess. But the most amazing episode was the last one, I mean I didn't expect that. And I think my most favourite characters were Oh Il-Nam and Hwang Jun-Ho, there were chef's kiss for me

  40. Bro please review All of us are dead netflix series

  41. I think squid game is really overrated, and it's episode 8 and 9 is boring.

  42. Correction: Battle Royale is a 2000 japanese action thriller. Messed up in the script. Apologies

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