Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch in 2024 -

Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch in 2024

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Get ready for the ultimate binge-watch list of 2024! In this video, we count down the top ten must-watch Netflix shows, including the thrilling return of “Squid Game,” the mind-bending mystery of “DARK,” the regal drama of “The Crown,” and the chilling suspense of “You.” We’re also diving into the supernatural epic “Stranger Things,” the romantic entanglements of “Bridgerton,” the intense action of “Money Heist: Korea,” and more! Whether you’re into sci-fi, drama, or romance, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to like and share this video if you enjoyed it.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:00:37 10. Squid Game
00:01:36 9. DARK
00:02:39 8. The Crown
00:03:38 7. You
00:04:39 6. Stranger Things
00:05:42 5. Bridgerton
00:06:49 4. The Witcher
00:07:43 Korea
00:08:38 2. Sweet Tooth
00:09:36 1. The Silent Sea
00:10:38 Outro

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