Top 5 Reasons to Watch the New Squid Game Netflix Show
Squid Game Netflix

Top 5 Reasons to Watch the New Squid Game Netflix Show

Online subscription services continue pushing the envelope and changing the landscape of the entertainment market. Free from the traditionalist mentality and narrowmindedness of established TV networks, they welcome unconventional ideas. Forward-looking executives have been crushing it lately with their bold business strategies. Introducing American and European viewers to the staples of Asian media was a smart decision. Cult anime hits that have remained a niche for years finally got the attention they deserve. The trend also paves the way for new films and live-action manga adaptations. Unsurprisingly, the Squid Game Netflix original was also a huge success. Created by Korean director Hwang Dong-hyuk, it fascinated audiences with its intriguing premise. It tells a story about a group of desperate characters competing in a deadly tournament. They risk their lives in various trials for a chance to win a money prize. However, those who fail to perform the necessary tasks face dire consequences. While the concept is definitely intriguing, some individuals require a bit more convincing. This article aims to dispel any doubts and explain why this is a must-see.

The Winner Takes It All

Squid Game Netflix Show

A decade ago nobody would consider an episodic kdrama to be a promising format. Thankfully, a lot has changed since then. Renowned and well-respected movie festivals have already shown great appreciation for features like Parasite. Thrillers and horrors, in general, are finally starting to be taken seriously. And this particular project is absolutely captivating due to the following qualities:

  • High stakes. The participants must compete in 6 challenges. Failure to accomplish the objectives and follow the rules leads to elimination. So does refusal to proceed. That and the prospect of earning nearly $40 million in cash keeps the characters invested. How will different human beings react to stressful situations? Expect suspenseful sequences, intense emotions, and unpredictable interactions.
  • Unique atmosphere. The grim nature of the events is juxtaposed by an oddly colorful presentation. The championship turns innocent children’s pastimes into bloody and unforgiving ordeals. Additionally, the script intersperses terrifying dramatic scenes with ingenious comedic moments creating a stark contrast.
  • Inspired by classics. According to the creator, he was always fond of comic books and graphic novels. Specifically, he is a big fan of the survival genre, which influenced his stylistic choices. For instance, almost every trailer contains numerous nods to Battle Royale and similar franchises.
  • Impressive production value. The team behind this IP made good use of the available budget. The list of their achievements includes top-notch cinematography, amazing sound design, and compelling writing. Looking at the cast section on IMDB might not impress US visitors. But rest assured that all the actors are held in high regard in their homeland. They do an incredible job, which is evident from the very beginning.
  • Carte Blanche approach. The platform is often praised for giving its showrunners unlimited creative freedom. This example is a perfect showcase of realizing a personal artistic vision without any restrictions. The resulting content is uncompromisingly edgy, daring, eerie, and unnerving in the best possible sense.

The Future of the Squid Game Netflix Series

Squid Game Netflix Series

Considering the hype surrounding the first season, the universe is likely to expand. Without spoiling anything, the ending leaves the door open for a sequel. It is difficult to say when the next installment may see the light of day. So far, nearly every review and the overall reception have been overwhelmingly positive. The people in charge surely took note of that. They will do everything in their power to keep the momentum going. Hopefully, the ship will not veer too far off from its original course.

Cultural phenomena of this magnitude are a rare occurrence. Don’t skip on the most thrilling adventure of recent years. Those who decide to watch the first chapter usually binge-watch the rest in one sitting. And when they finish the entire thing, they end up wanting more. Dedicated enthusiasts can continue checking the Squid Game Netflix page for the next release date. But as soon as any updates arrive, the entire web will be buzzing with the news. Stay tuned and look forward to further developments.

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