What Does Netflix Want From Us? | @Mythpat, @SlayyPointOfficial, @MostlySane & More! | Netflix India - squid-game.onl

What Does Netflix Want From Us? | @Mythpat, @SlayyPointOfficial, @MostlySane & More! | Netflix India

Netflix India
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Psst… wanna see what happens behind the scenes?

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for 2022! 🤫
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Writer: Gursimran Khamba
Co writer: Rohan Desai

Produced by: EO2 EXP

Special thanks: Collective Artists Network (Soumya Ameria and Jovan Martins)

Producers: Risheeta Agrawal, Rishabh Agrawal
Director: Sahil Shah
DoP: Shubham Sharma
Executive Producer: Farzeen Khan
2nd Unit Director: Sitanshu Datta
Chief AD: Kelvin Mendonca
DA: Pankhuri Ranjan
2nd AD: Aishwarya Nair
Team EO2: Jay Khuman, Jay Patel, Rahul, Riya, Drishti Shah, Naman Kohli, Karpuswamy
Production Designer: Arzoo Ali
Line Producer: Vinod Panranjpe
Styling: Rajvee Shah and Ayushi Varia
Hair and Make up: Ankit Trivedi

Aishwarya Mohanraj’s Team:
Make up: Areej Shaikh
Hair: Vrinda Rajput

Prajakta Kohli’s team:
Styling: Sakshi
Make up: Sahithya Shetty
Hair: Srishti

Srishti Dixit’s team:
Hair and make up: Sameer

Offline Edit: Preeti Rai
Graphics: Zain
Grade: Avinash Shukla
Sound: Abhishek Bhatia
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  1. I have come here only for Praju..💕💕


  3. clicked only cuz of slayy point >~< either wat i only know mythpad …. or kisi ko nhi 😉

  4. Mostly sane ke ek bhi comedy video pe aj tak hasneko nahi aya.. najane kyu vo khud ko comedian bolti hai😄

  5. Gautami is really pretty good looking yrr what a beauty she is 😍

  6. Mythpat imagination are so funny 🤣🤣😂🤣

  7. 1 baat janna hai mujhe
    Kya nikhil ko hindi bolne me sharm ati hai?

  8. The comment section is captured by slayy point love you guys a lot actually I like their idea also it would be in a show love you guys

  9. I think slay point have better ideas for the show's

  10. Three Marathi Mullas Mythpat Prajakta and Gautami ❤️ Proud of them ❤️

  11. Tbh the mythpat game idea was pretty damn hott for an advo or promotion sorta for a game launch or something uk

  12. he transformation and jjourney of slayy point is absolutely amazing, i am watching them since 2 years and i can assure myself that i have never been disappointed, keep slayying

  13. if there is slayypoint , it's deffo worth watching

  14. 99 percent of comments are of slayy point

  15. I guess half of the audience is just for slayy point

  16. निखिल के लिए "इनसाइडर इंफो" जोक (कैपिटल "I" के साथ) समझ में आता है क्योंकि वह फूड इनसाइडर द्वारा फूड वॉर्स का भारतीय होस्ट है!

  17. 0:45 kyaaa answer diya hai abhyudaya and gautami 🤌❤️❤

  18. I love slayy point. They never fail to make me happy.

  19. The whole comment section looks like slaypoints fam

  20. The fact that the whole comment section is filled with slayy point fans comments

  21. Thanks To All YouTube creater To do Making video to on Netflix

  22. Big boss in the office of Netflix headquarters

  23. I dont know anyone of them and dont even wanna know 😂

  24. What would you like to see on our YouTube channel in 2022? 🤔

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