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  1. I think that season 2 that sang woo right with the mask is still not dead ?

  2. I think of rubik's cubes and hide and seek there might be more or something 🤔

  3. Think there gonna play rock paper. Scissors and hide and seek and prob duck duck goose

  4. I saw the season 2 teaser and they are in jail sails and floating in the middle of the ocean

  5. Mmmm, there might be new vips or, Seong Gi hun will be the front man

  6. I hope there would be an investigation about detective Jun-ho

  7. The person who won squid game is going to become Front man or stop squid Game

  8. Fact: in my country they're trying to cancel squid game (in Italy)

  9. I hope they add tag and hide and seek

  10. The family of the previous characters are going to join squid game and try and expose squid game

  11. I think the old man might come back on rlly want him to ._.

  12. Let me tell you the theory on squid game season 2 (IT MIGHT BE SPOLIERS IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISH SEASON 1). Ok so there was this one scence where the VIPS said, "The contest in Korea was the best." So that can mean other countries are playing the squid game. Like the hunger games from USA. And Alice in the Borderland from Japan. So I think Gi hun and the detective might go into other countries and stop those games! Plus the detective might be alive he got shot in the shoulder and fell in the water. But he might've survived it!

  13. I have an idea maybe gi hun shall be front man and all the will sip

  14. I think of the kids in the show will repeat when they're older

  15. The main character will be the next frontman

  16. The winner of squid game will be a guard and then there will be new players an he helps them win

  17. I think that maybe they should put the actors like daughters and sons and that would be like cooler and they would do the challenges or the other characters would go back

  18. Idk about season 2 but it would be cool if they did a season 3 with like Sae byoek's brother and the dauther of Gi hun

  19. The red hair guy’s daughter and 067’s brother meet and join the game and 456 becomes a guard to destroy squid game

  20. Y'all I don't know why when the front man and the vips started speaking English I was so confused

  21. Gi-hun goes back to the game but one of the guards and they should add tag,rock paper scissors,jump rope,hide and seek, and musical chairs

  22. All the old players of sg if they have young like cousins or daughters they become in the show and There are new games like Rock Paper Scissors, bubble gum in a dish, lazer tag, hide and seek, etc

  23. In MY Idea for Squid Game 2. I Believe the Guards Gonna be Making the Dalgona Candies Pale Bluish-Green in Color. Like Mint Flavored Dalgona Candies

  24. It's My Favorite Color. And My Favorite Flavour. It's Not Bitter Anymore. But Minty Freezing Cold Aquamarine

  25. Here the game should they add hide and seek floor is lava freaze tag rubix cube fourse square rock paper sizer shoot same as marbles

  26. His daughter should be grown up and join the game 🙃

  27. I think that the island will be destroyed 😀

  28. 𝗡𝗘𝗭𝗨𝗞𝗢 𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗡 says:

    As y'all know that gi hun called them and said that he would play again….. I think that might be in the season 2 becuz be didn't go to the plane instead he was going to the other way where he could get off the and i dont think that sae byeok will be alive

  29. I think they should add hot potato which means one person gets to hot potato in when the 30 seconds is out for each round whoever is holding the potato dies

  30. I think the grandpa is not dead cause my friend said he did not get shot cause is the boss of the game he just wanted to try out how the game will be but when he was in the hospital he might have faked his death so he can come back in season. 2

  31. Yeah we kinda NEED a season 2 I mean barely anything is explained so fsr

  32. Man I think it's going to be a bowl like like you alright listen to me I think it's gonna be about this good game I think it's gone about playing different game

  33. I think the rules are switched so maybe the guards are playing redight greenlight and 456 is the front man killing all the guards and the front man like my comment if u think!!!

  34. Maybe Gi – Hun is gonna be the frontman

  35. More
    Korean kid games like tail tag or five field Kono but if you loose you die and Jegichagi but if you drop it you die

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