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Why Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Is An Overnight Sensation

NBC News
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NBC News’ Kahlan Rosenblatt reports on what Netflix’s “Squid Game” is about, and how the nine-episode Korean thriller could become the streaming service’s biggest non-English language show in the world. 

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  1. Strange that they’re not mentioning that this series is a hard commentary on capitalism and the high debt problem Korean families are facing. Its message is in engrained in each episode.

  2. Language is no barriers non verbal language understanding very well because feeling and emotiona we understanding it..
    Best show the squids game.
    Namesty from india.
    I love Hindi version too the squaid game show I love this show….
    Global hit k -show…

  3. Hallyu wave is hitting all over the world again!!! deabak!!!

  4. 1:47 I guess the translation did its job well as the show has been successful, meaning it somehow helped Americans enough to 'digest' the show .

  5. why does the blonde lady always look constipated

  6. Imagine one of the creators even sold his loptop and now he's rich biyatch! 😶

  7. Every demographic….No. This show is not for kids.

  8. I love uncle Netflix, without a doubt since I subscribe to your account and pay what, Netflix the father of worldwide platforms, I leave you no more Amazon, HBOmax and Disney, see you next time

  9. because it copy a lot of Japanese movie, series and anime. the copy become more popular nowadays

  10. That’s what I I like about Chinese people they are clean . Even there movies .. very clean an clear

  11. I watched it from episode 1-9 last night and it's worth it..

  12. Learn from 'The Parasite' s perfect translation/subtitle work!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  13. This is basically "Battle Royale" from 2000 from Japan. A strange IP from overseas and because it's so violent, so different, and questions our sense of morality, it hits a lot of different notes.
    Of course, thanks to the Internet, things spread much faster these days. Back then when Battle Royale first hit the scene, it was very much an unknown piece of content but with a cult-like following.

    Congrats on the folks behind the show and here's to the next season.

  14. If you compare Squid Game sub-titles to dub, you'll find they are different. I only compared English, but I'd bet the same is true in Spanish, German, etc.

  15. Unlike not seen? Saw + hostel + hunger games

  16. Wow so a series finally surpassed money heist

  17. From what I can see this movie is stupid I don't know why people think it's so cool Don't you remember Battle Royale that will always be the classic. Or say the Lord of the flies.

  18. Netflix should use the same translators as the Korean romantic drama then the quality of the translation will be a lot better. Like A movie type of translation instead of the C movie type of translation….

  19. Although Korean squid dish is just as amazing!!!

  20. It’s an AMAZING thriller. A lot of people love shows that keep them on their feet. Plus Netflix is a rather popular streaming service. That’s why You did so well when Netflix go it

  21. Been watching Kdrama shows for over 10 years now. I remember talking to others about Kdrama years ago. People would laugh at me and shrug it off. I wonder if these same people were watching Squid Games.

  22. Its already number 2 just a dope craze no one will watch after all the hype

  23. A friend recommended this & after he tried to explain the storyline I said, nope, not for me. After the 2nd episode I was hooked. Can't really say why.

  24. I really need to indulge myself in more Korean media. At first I thought the French and Canadians were popping off in the Film/TV sector, but Korea has really shined through the last couple years with their worldwide successes.

  25. it’s a mediocre show but the survival aspect of it is what’s really interesting.

  26. It’s an instant hit because, the majority of the worlds population DOES feel like “horses”.
    The irony is, in and out if the game..it’s the SAME GAME for the majority of the species…in, every, way….$

  27. The word from some Asian Americans is that South Korea really hates this movie because it shows the seemie side and poverty stricken people with a hard life in Korea.

  28. Dubbing didn't bother me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Not sure why people get bent out of shape about it. I watched the series twice once in English dub and the other Korean. They're both equally good!

  29. Koreans have the guts to deal with debt slavery. It's very important to understand the social critique here.

  30. Korea knows how to make unique movies. First parasite and now this. I hope they continue this momentum, because lord knows I am sick of the remakes and reboots the United states film industry is so fond of.

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