Win a jackpot or die: Netflix’s South Korean thriller ‘Squid Game’ becomes latest global sensation -

Win a jackpot or die: Netflix’s South Korean thriller ‘Squid Game’ becomes latest global sensation

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Netflix’s latest South Korean hyper-violent thriller Squid Game has become a global hit. The plot revolves around a bloody survival game where people must compete in a series of childhood games to win a jackpot. If they lose, they die.

The show’s popularity is sparking a trend for retailers. The owner of Brown Butter Cafe in Singapore has turned his space into a Squid Game-themed eatery. Customers can challenge themselves with a childhood game featured in the series. A mall in the Philippines has installed a 3m (10ft) replica of a doll from the series, attracting fans vying for selfies.

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  1. But I still prefer Alice in Borderland over Squid Game. Just my opinion!

  2. It's happening be aware of dolls or statutes..end time has come.

  3. Wait, after watching the show they still not sure how to do it?

  4. Okay this show is amazing I must say……. But I believe this show is all about hype and anxiety only, which is the result of lazy writing. And its sad that these kinda shows are in demand these days.
    Breaking Bad, GoT, Ozark, Narcos, Peaky Blinders, Better Call Saul are some shows which are result of great plot and writing.

  5. Lets hope they release it on other platforms

  6. LOL can't believe people are actually doing what they're doing in the movie. It's basically a suicide cult.

  7. Overrated. Concept has been used by Battle Royale, As God's Will, 13 Game Of Death etc

  8. I haven’t watched the show . I can’t watch violence at all 🌎

  9. this series make my whole family hooked with this one, they usually don't watch foreign stories

  10. I don’t like violence and my life already so stressful.. why would I watch this?

  11. I live in Singapore and I did not know about this cafe

  12. ☯︎SʜᴏɢʏᴏMᴏɢʏᴏ☂︎ says:

    Hope they make a 2nd season

  13. I'm not a fan of Korean series but Squidder Game genuinely entertains me. It's also quite relatable with its life lessons. The masked foreigners made me cringe bit lol

  14. Anything similar to watch like this or is this what the bar has been raised too?

  15. One word: "Ilnam"

    mans on a different playing field

  16. Humans are definitely insane, see…how all are loving this and creating more…
    Feeding brains on the ideas and elements of voilence…

  17. Am i the only one who know that squid game webseries is much similar to old Japanese movie ? Kdrama always choose concept from mangas and jdrama, jmovies . No hate. Just saying the point.

  18. I watched every episode in one day 😂😂😂😂

  19. It was made posible because of tiktok.😊

  20. Why There is so many anti asian in the comment sec 🙄🙄

  21. Help me reach 1k subs without any videos says:

    I really loved this drama wow. A masterpiece

  22. I rememer reading a manga just like squid game

  23. This is just deadman wonderland ripoff🤣🤣

  24. The funny thing here is that Netflix doesn't work in China. Everyone in China watched the squid game illegally, and it's free.

    Illegality is commonplace in China

  25. Hey guys I know you guys are feeling the hype after finishing Squid Game why not watch Alice in Borderland after

  26. I hate this game because it has a scary sound of the doll. I feel bad for the people in the series because they just lost their lives just for a game. Also I watch Among Us zombie animation and they from South Korea. They are making videos like that and is cool but not the show.

  27. How do Chinese watch Netflix?
    Chinese are just selfish that never pay for global contents.

  28. hope chinese don't claim something in the show as their culture. saying koreans steal their culture

  29. The people of China are in the squid games. Think about it you are in a country full of cameras. Once you are there if the CCP chooses it will not allow you to leave. The social credit system is similar to a game controled by the rulers. People want to blame the foreigners but its your own kind that is in control of the game.

  30. I lile how it talks about how China sends back North Koreans trying to escape and have a better life. It says a lot about the CCP

  31. I think it's a metaphor for China's 小粉紅 for young people in pink uniforms to watch and shoot people playing games.

  32. so amazing hope the next one is an airsoft one that be cool

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