World's deadliest Game to play were people die ❌?❌ Watch it at your own risk ♨️ Wanna play? -

World’s deadliest Game to play were people die ❌?❌ Watch it at your own risk ♨️ Wanna play?

Drama Kimchi
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This video is just for entertainment purpose.

The clip in video is taken from a series called. “Squid Game”

This channel and I do not claim any right over any of the graphics, images and songs used in in the video. All rights are reserved to the respective copyright owner.

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  1. Ali was definitely one of the best characters in the movie,until he died😔

  2. I hope the old man don't die🥺🥺🥺🥺

  3. I playd that 1 year ago because im a child and it was fun playing with my friends

  4. 這個魷魚遊戲也太可怕了那些人都不要命

  5. Low version of SAW and AS THE GOD'S WILL. Nothing excites me even the plot. Its too predictable

  6. I like how it’s from squid game-

  7. Кто русский вот этот
    Фильм называетса 《ИГРА В КАЛЬМАРЫ》

  8. The grandfa was very Happy he finished finally the round game line😊👍

  9. Me after watching ????…totally was not expecting this !! I'm about to watch it now lol great video and new subscriber

  10. Pobre el viejito y. Ellos??????????????

  11. Bro I’m junior Singh mcginn and this is funny

  12. When i was kid this was one of my fav game. But now i see this video. I never playing this game ?. How scare !!

  13. People who are short and can’t be seen from the dolls view: Pathetic

    Pls take this as a joke
    —Me, shortie




    Many of you guys love the grandpa- just wait till the last episode to find out that he was a person with the game thats why he was going first…he never dies after he got shot in the head in episode 6…Also if your reading this and 240 or 067 are you fav characters….AND you havent watched it… They die <3 – Ji-Yeong dies in episode 6….Sae-Byeok dies in episode 8….<3

  16. สิรวิชญ์ อินทคีรี says:


  17. Wow this game is series and so many people have been died

  18. I never played Red light green light [Squid Game]

  19. I watched it already, but it's korean, saying "Gucumwha kocci piot seumnida"

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